Did God create Man, or did Man create God?

It’s a profound question, I think.

I’ve never questioned having a Creator, so while the subject of evolution touched upon during my school years it was illogical based on what I could see and experience in the world around me. Every house needed someone to build it. The wood, shingles and glass weren’t going to come together by themselves— it would require an exterior force to make that happen. Ergo, a home builder and his construction crew.

How difficult is that to understand?

Anyone even remotely familiar with Newton’s Laws can appreciate that a body at rest remains at rest unless acted upon by an exterior force.

What force initiated the “Big Bang”?

Something or someone.

Opponents to that force being someone do so from the comfort of their home or office that required a creator to cause it to be built.

Go ahead and re-read that last sentence, it’s so ironic. I can’t wrap my head around it based on the available evidence for their being, ultimately, someone who brought it into existence.

Evolution has no use for the splashes of hues and tones of colors that please our eyes as we experience or see photos of the tremendous diversity of life, flora and fauna all of it. And if, deep down, all humans were to believe that a natural selection existence on the human plane was as valid as the theory or philosophy of Evolution, we’d be living in a very different world. One could argue that, based on the increasingly widespread reports of unrest, greed, and suffering plaguing my generation around the planet, Humanity is descending to the animal plane where natural selection is the law in place. But that would be de-evolution, or devolving— since every scholar and scientist acknowledges that Humans are superior to all other living creatures. Not necessarily stronger or able to do things that other living creatures we share oxygen with can. But more intelligent and resourceful.

But to the best of my knowledge, there hasn’t been a whit of evidence found to establish when self-awareness on the level humans exhibit, or experience as conscience, came to be, or how any of those pass through the DNA. The physical characteristics, sure— plenty of evidence for that, I agree. But there’s a great deal more to us than the body from which we experience the world outside of that body. It’s an experience that begins miraculously at some point following the moment of conception— that Big Bang on a molecular level within the mother’s body.

A creation by the beings that the child will come to know as mother and father.

What is so offensive to the clear evidence that our Universe was fashioned by a Creator?

Judging by the definable bodies of laws in physics, mathematics, and their ilk, I’d say that all this came from not only an Intelligence, but a Wisdom, that we will never come near to comprehending. I never cease to be amazed at the intelligence behind the instincts which govern animals. Ignorance is bliss as they simply do what they know through the primal instincts of their kind.

Us humans, we rationalize and other things as part of our life, our decisions impacting fellow humans in ways never known or experienced in all the wonderful animal kingdom that we stand superior to— and see the results of those words, actions, and decisions in the conditions of my generation.

Humanists would have me believe that, given enough time, humans will eventually turn the world into Eden, and even move out across the galaxy.

Would you want to see present-day Humankind taking its nonsense out across the galaxy? Plundering the resources of other worlds we find inhabitable?

Not me.

And what good is world peace if we can’t get along with each other? It’s in our nature, if Evolution is fact and subscribers to Humanism are right, we’re back to the whole “survival of the fittest” assertion, in spite of the evidence to the contrary because cultures prohibit certain offensively natural inclinations that Humans have demonstrated since their beginning.

Murder’s illegal where I live. Making it illegal didn’t end murder: it can only impose punishment if the murderer is caught and determined to be guilty in a court of law.

Humans murder, and that’s an incontrovertible fact.

Not from starvation for food or shelter, but for countless non-Evolution-centric reasons and in spite of knowing the penalties of the action.

That inclination, that passion, Evolution theorizes, is passed on through the strands of DNA— which means that any descendant of said murderer stands to present the same characteristic. Son… grandson… great-great grandson… spin the wheel, because nobody knows.

Other humans, while they don’t murder, engage in a wide range of non-Evolution-centric reasons, some of which are similarly against public laws: pedophilia, rape, child abuse, and on the list goes.

If it’s natural for a man to forcefully and sexually assault a woman, then the woman simply shouldn’t be offended at this demonstration of the natural order brought about by Evolution, right?

The natural world doesn’t require a consensual intercourse for its perpetualized survival. Ask any dog that’s in heat and in range of a male dog. I agree that instinct handles the perpetuation of the various species.

But that mysterious conscience and self-awareness that happens within us is repulsed at forcible intercourse in spite of it simply being a causal effect of the tenets of Evolution. How does one know that something is wrong at that level, if not for a provided gamut of things we instinctually recognize as either right or wrong.

Even people who have never heard of a Christian Bible or Yeshua demonstrate social awareness of these common behaviors of Humans, and prohibit actions like rape and theft— all perfectly acceptable in the animal kingdom. Primitive tribes are no exception to this instinctual morality, one might term it.

Children feel that pinch of conscience when they deny doing something they know full-well they, in fact, did do. This happens before, I believe, the child is old enough to begin reasoning on this inexplicable sense of right and wrong, and before they are making those transitional decisions that shape that conscience in the years to come.

What is our conscience? It certainly isn’t a result of natural order when it’s clearly embedded within the self-awareness, that supranatural part of us that embodies our thoughts, aspirations, memories, and self-awareness.

I suppose refer to this as Intelligence, but that demands the question of how Intelligence differs from the instinct which evidently governs the animal kingdom we stand superior to? I mean, it’s pretty smart that a squirrel knows when the season’s turning and to begin storing food, although his retentive skills appear to be lacking when he looks for them later and doesn’t remember where they’re buried. But if he was as smart as a human, he’d look for a place to store all of them conveniently— or offer to “pay” another squirrel to do it for him.

I’ll pause here for this round, and pick it up next time. I’ve still got plenty to point out.

Submitted for your perusal and consideration,