We are about to slaves to the lender....

It was with a sickening sense of deja vu that I read the headlines rolling in this morning concerning the latest developments in our “esteemed” Washington D.C. [Sample headline: FDIC may borrow cash from banks]

It seems that now, as unimaginable sums of monies are nearly depleted and spoon-fed to the richer echelons of our American society under the guise of “bailouts” for those our well-to-do government leaders deemed “too big to fail”—all the while promising us, the American People, that we will reap huge profits for our trusting in the Plan’s ability to work—that the government is considering now borrowing money from the very banks that put this nation, not to mention the entire global economy, into this mess in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong: I hate going back to this trough again and again, in turn spitting up the same vomit the leaders of this country expect me to simply choke back down.

The simple fact is that this is some sick joke that someone dreamt up. It has to be, because nothing else makes sense. Nothing. Zilch.

We’re talking about the richest among us playing roulette with Wall Street, and then losing money. Suddenly, there is a financial apocalypse at hand—or so we were told. Action had to be taken, and fast! The rich got their billions faster than you can say No way! Then, newspapers and reports started rolling in that in spite of the billions that these rich corporations and establishments got at the taxpayers’ expense, they patted themselves on the back and started doling out bonuses amounting to millions and millions. Did the government do anything? No, because apparently there was no legal way for them to do so. In other words, nobody instituted a law to bar this sort of malevolence because nobody in their right state of mind could imagine a business doing that—much less an entire industry!

Then, reports came out that this same banking industry and Wall Street financiers had contributed significantly to numerous political campaigns this last time through the election process. A select few reporters put one and one together and noted that it was awfully convenient that in exchange for spending a few million to get pet politicans elected or re-elected, the financial oligarchy reaped billions. I’d say it was one of the best investments they’ve ever made—even though I say that with a pungent, nauseating sense of sarcasm.

Did I neglect to mention that the $700 billion-plus that was handed over by the indebted politicans in Washington D.C. was served up on the silver plate known as Blank Check? Basically, no conditions were laid down nor demanded whatsoever. And to this day, nobody really knows where all of the money went, much less is demanding an accounting of the same. The money was simply stolen from the tax-payers and given to the rich. That’s not too complicated, is it?

And as of this morning, as the news headlines continue to roll in, the U.S. Government is now looking to borrow money from the rich. Bottom line: if the U.S. Government was reluctant to invoke its power to demand an accounting from the banks and Wall Street, they’ll be powerless to do so once the money is borrowed. The fact is, we saved the richest echelons of this country by giving them every last dime we own, and are now preparing to come crawling to their doorsteps, looking for handouts because we’re been reduced to beggar status by our greedy, self-indulgent, power-mongering leaders in Washington D.C., and We the People aren’t willing to do a single thing to put it to an end.

I can pretty much guarantee you that if they DO borrow the monies, that all of this talk of regulating executive bonuses, speculative trading, and all the rest will fade away into silence. After all, how can you really enforce “policy” against those you depend on for your next meal?

I mean, seriously—Politicians who can, within weeks, hand over $700+ billion of our dollars to repay their gratitude to the financial oligarchy for helping them get elected…  but are adamantly opposed to using our dollars to fund a $7.5 billion program to provide a healthcare option for We the People? Can you really tell me with a straight face that they’re working for us?